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When you choose to work with me, you aren’t hiring another stuffy law firm with leather furniture, inexperienced business coach, or a consultant with little to no understanding of legal and compliance issues that affect almost every business decision you make.

You’re hiring an award-winning business lawyer and serial entrepreneur who combines her two law degrees and nearly a decade of experience helping business owners implement effective strategy, asset protection, contracting and negotiation skills that take CEOs years to master, and marketing that is compliant with important laws most “gurus” don’t even know exist.

Depending on your most pressing needs, we may focus on getting your startup off the ground, liability protection, compliance, protecting and leveraging your IP assets, or something else altogether.

Whatever your situation, when you work with me, your business matters will be looked at from all relevant angles, and any recommended course of action will take into consideration not only your unique objectives and bottom line, but also the potential legal pitfalls that aren’t considered by most coaches and consultants.

Ready to get your business on the right track to take off, scale, and make it rain? Select one of the options below and let’s do this!


Consulting services

Small Biz Audit

Since your business can be affected by literally hundreds of laws and regulations at any given time, ensuring compliance and adequate liability protection can be overwhelming.

The Small Biz Audit is designed to take some of the frustration out of the process and set you on the right track when it comes to liability protection and compliance issues.

Our process includes a thorough analysis of your business model, goals, products/services and operations, followed by a custom-tailored plan that helps you identify and prioritize your most pressing legal needs.

This service will save you thousands of dollars while providing a clear game plan to handle the compliance issues needing to be handled ASAP, and boost your confidence in your ability to make smart decisions involving your business.

IP Audit

The IP Audit is designed to provide an assessment of the intangible assets of your business and to help you identify, prioritize and make a solid plan to protect and leverage your valuable intellectual property.

We do this by:

1) helping you identify and understand the value of your intellectual property assets; 2) examining how your business currently protects and monetizes each asset; 3) providing you with actionable steps to develop and implement processes and corrective measures necessary to protect existing and future IP rights; 4) make recommendations to help minimize infringement of third party IP rights.

It’s like finding money in your couch, except you’ll probably never find $10,000+ laying around in your couch.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting services help our clients understand and navigate the complex regulatory environment of running a small business, while putting solid systems in place to minimize overwhelm and maximize profits.

Having started and managed multiple online and offline ventures, I understand the unique challenges faced by modern businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s contracting with clients or vendors; hiring a team of VAs and other contractors; complying with advertising laws; drafting terms and conditions for a website; or protecting IP assets; our consulting services can help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently. 

Running a business doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have the right team on your side.


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