Client, Consulting & Independent Contractor Agreements



This bundle contains three contracts that follow the same structure: the Client Agreement, the Consulting Agreement and the Independent Contractor Agreement.

Since consultants and other service-based providers tend to be independent contractors (as opposed to “employees” of their clients), the Client Agreement and Consultant Agreement are simply variations of the more general Independent Contractor Agreement included in this download.

Our templates cover important bases such as defining your scope of services, setting payment terms, laying down the rules for how disputes can be resolved, and much more. You may use and customize these contracts to define the rules and parameters of your relationships with a) your independent contractors and b) clients with whom you work in an independent contractor capacity.

Since the Agreements are more or less the same, there is only one walk-through video. In this, we refer to the Client as “Company” (which is usually what you would do in a B2B relationship); however, if your Client is an individual, feel free to replace “Company” with “Client.”

If you’re not a consultant, replace “Consultant” with another reference that describes what you do – Coach, Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, Agency, Photographer, etc.

These templates will likewise come in handy when you’re the client and you want a contractor or freelancer to execute a written contract detailing the work and payment terms before you open your wallet.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re consistent in your references throughout the document.