Copyright Infringement Bundle – Cease and Desist Letter & DMCA Notice




This Copyright Enforcement Bundle contains two templates (with walk-through videos):

Copyright Infringement Cease & Desist: Whether it’s a blog post, a photograph, one of your lead magnets or your entire online course, when someone rips off your work, it sucks… and can result in major revenue loss. If you discover that someone is copying your original content, you can use this Copyright Infringement Cease and Desist template as a first step in getting them to stop.

While there are no formal legal requirements as to what a Cease and Desist letter must include, it usually informs the infringer, at the very least, that a) you are the owner of the IP; b) they’re infringing on said IP by using it without your permission; and c) they have a certain number of days to take it down before you seek legal action.

DMCA Takedown Notice: Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Internet service providers (ISPs) can avoid liability for indirect copyright infringement (i.e. being on the hook for copyright damages when they have customers who pirate copyrighted material), but ONLY IF they remove any infringing content after receiving notice from the copyright owner that their services are being used to facilitate infringing activity. Because statutory damages for copyright infringement can reach $150K/violation, it’s not surprising that ISPs tend to take DMCA notices fairly seriously.