Corporate / LLC Resolution Form



This template should be used as a form for your business resolutions, which is the fancy legal word for the written record that you have to have outlining the decisions reached at your Shareholders’ and/or Board meetings.

While not expressly required by law, it’s a “corporate formality” that needs to be followed if you want to maintain personal liability protection, i.e. the shielding of your personal assets from seizure in satisfaction of a business debt or liability. (Meaning they’re a pretty big deal.)

Though these written records of company decisions are typically referred to as “corporate resolutions,” you may use them in LLCs, Partnerships, JVs and other entities where you wish to maintain a record of important business decisions made. This is always a good idea if you want to avoid arguments later on about what was actually agreed on a particular issue. (In those cases, all references to “Corporate Resolution” should be changed on the form to “LLC Resolution,” “JV Resolution,” or “Partnership Resolution.”)