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A comprehensive, easy to understand overview of the low-interest SBA Loans made available to small businesses by the CARES Act in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Previously only available to paying clients of my law firm (Corvinus Law), I’m now sharing this resource here in an effort to combat the massive amount of misinformation circulating about these loans online. My hope is that reading this overview will give you the facts you need to decide what to apply for and take action NOW, before the funds allocated to this program run out.

Remember, the amount of money available is limited, so if you’re thinking about applying, the earlier the better. Once the allocated amount is exhausted, approvals will stop.

If your business has been impacted due to the pandemic and you need cashflow to pay the bills and your team (including yourself), register here to download your copy so you can understand:

1. what loans are available,

2. their respective eligibility criteria,

3. the primary differences between the two types of loans, and

4. what you can do NOW to obtain a $10,000 advance on your disaster loan that does not need to be repaid even if you’re subsequently denied.


You are inches away from creating, launching & selling out your own million dollar offers.

Brace yourself buttercup, this will be FUN!

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