Are you ready to finally have a rock solid client contract protecting your business? 

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Let’s just cut to the chase: If you’re running a service-based business, you NEED to be using a Client Service Agreement. And you need to do so with EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT.

If you want your business to survive, this isn’t optional. It’s mandatory. 

I know you know this – otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But like many entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been putting it off because you simply can’t fathom adding “dealing with legal issues” to the million other things on your 10-mile long to-do list.


That’s right – if you’re ready to start taking your business seriously and run your show like a CEO, I’m here to make it SO SIMPLE + EASY that you have NO EXCUSES not to implement a rock-solid Client Agreement to protect your business from serious legal risks and liabilities.

If we haven’t met yet, hi! 👋

I’m Liz Pifko, award-winning business attorney, online entrepreneur, owner of Corvinus Law (a boutique business and intellectual property law firm focused on making the dreaded legal stuff easy, fun and massively empowering for small businesses and online entrepreneurs), and founder of Renegade Legal (seller of the best legal templates available for modern small businesses, drafted by one of the most recommended small biz and IP attorneys in online business communities).

Taking one of the most complex and overwhelming part of starting and running a business and making it quick, easy and painless (and dare I say, in some cases, even FUN) has always been my superpower and claim to Internet fame.

And today, I’m here to invite you to check out my BRAND NEW, never-before-seen legal templates that I’m pre-launching at the lowest prices you’ll ever see on anything that comes out of my brain.





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So if you’ve been on the fence about buying one of my legal templates so you can start protecting your assets like an actual CEO, THIS is your chance to get the latest and BEST of my work at the lowest possible price.


For those ready to level up and get serious, here are the templates you can pre-order today for an absolute no-brainer price: 

COACHING AGREEMENT TEMPLATE PACK (Includes: One-On-One Coaching Agreement, Group Coaching Agreement, and Client Waiver Form)

ONLINE COURSE TERMS (Because your Terms of Service IS your client contract)

BRAND PHOTOGRAPHER TEMPLATE PACK (Includes Brand Photo Shoot Template and Model Release Template)




All of the above contracts serve the same goals: managing expectations, setting appropriate boundaries with your clients, ensuring that BOTH parties are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities, and keeping your liabilities to an absolute minimum.

My templates help you achieve this by putting all the important aspects of the relationship in writing, including:

☑ the scope of the services being provided and the promised deliverables;

☑ payment terms, including when, how you are going to get paid;

☑ important deadlines, milestones and timelines;

☑ each party’s responsibilities and obligations;

☑ who owns the work after delivery and the intellectual property rights of both parties;

☑ post-delivery activities, warranties, liabilities, indemnities and confidentiality obligations;

☑ clear dispute resolution provisions, so you’re not dragged into unnecessary litigation (or worse, left without recourse)

☑ how the relationship can be terminated;

☑ and much more.

And to make sure that you’re customizing your contracts correctly, each template comes with a detailed walk-through video holding your hand through the entire customization process, explaining each clause paragraph by paragraph, giving you options and examples you can understand and relate to, so you actually know what you’re reading – and signing.

After completing the walk-through and doing the work, not only will you have a solid Client Agreement in place, you’ll also have a thorough understanding of common contractual terms and pitfalls, so you’ll never again be in the dark about what your legal documents say (and bind you to do).


what is your investment?

These templates and packs will sell between $375 and $597 on my website.

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Brace yourself buttercup, this will be FUN!

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